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      ● 本教材符合國家標準,適應21世紀對英語人才培養的需要,具有前瞻性。

      ● 本教材以“題材—功能—結構—任務”為編寫原則,為學習者努力營造語境,精心設計內容,學練結合,符合語言教學規律,具有良好的可操作性。

      ● 本教材以學生為中心,按學生身心發展規律與興趣特點設計大量語言活動,以激發學生的學習興趣。它既體現素質教育的要求,又遵循語言教學的理論,具有科學性。

      該音頻有LRC字幕 北京小學英語第五冊附字幕:12017-12-30
      [00:00.10]P[00:01.04]paint park pass picnic post[00:20.48]R[00:24.53]rest have/take a rest right road[00:43.02]S[00:46.16]sad saw say say goodbye to see[01:05.65]See you tomorrow.[01:10.32]show a flo
      該音頻有LRC字幕 北京小學英語第五冊附字幕:22017-12-29
      [00:00.10]English 5 DAY IS ALMOST OVER NOW[00:10.95]Dark on the hill,[00:13.30]Pur-ple shad-ows gath-er slow-ly,[00:17.32]winds are still.All the win-ter boughts are bare,[00:29.07]Lone-ly and far,Down a-cross the fold-ing
      該音頻有LRC字幕 北京小學英語第五冊附字幕:32017-12-29
      [00:00.10]Par-don me.Please tell me how to get to Green-wich Vil-lage[00:12.43]My good friend Sar-ah Lee lives at Bank Street num-ber three[00:18.57]First turn right at the light,walk two blocks,[00:29.20]stop at the corne
      該音頻有LRC字幕 北京小學英語第五冊附字幕:42017-12-28
      [00:00.10]Lesson One Don't read in bed![00:32.94]Mother:What are you doing,Xiao Ming?[00:39.05]Xiao Ming:I'm reading a story book.[00:41.87]Mother:Oh,dear! Don't read in bed.[00:45.09]Xiao Ming:Why? Mother:It's bad f
      該音頻有LRC字幕 北京小學英語第五冊附字幕:52017-12-28
      [00:00.10]Lesson Two CAN YOU HELP ME?[00:22.13]Xiao Hu:Can you help me,Dick?[00:35.27]Dick:Yes.What is it?[00:37.88]Xiao Hu:I'm going to repair the window. It's broken.[00:42.71]Dick:What can I do for you?[00:45.14]Xi
      該音頻有LRC字幕 北京小學英語第五冊附字幕:62017-12-27
      [00:00.10]Lesson Three How Can I Get There?[00:21.73]Visitor:Excuse me. Where can I buy a road map?[00:44.38]Xiao Min:In the post office or a book store[00:48.85]Visitor:How can I get to the nearest post office?[00:5
      該音頻有LRC字幕 北京小學英語第五冊附字幕:72017-12-27
      [00:00.10]Lesson Four WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH HIM?[00:20.53]Doctor:What's wrong with you,Jim?[00:26.85]Jim:I'm feeling very cold.[00:29.28]Doctor:Open your mouth and say "Ah"[00:32.39]Morn:What's the matter with him
      該音頻有LRC字幕 北京小學英語第五冊附字幕:72017-12-25
      [00:00.10]Lesson Four WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH HIM?[00:20.53]Doctor:What's wrong with you,Jim?[00:26.85]Jim:I'm feeling very cold.[00:29.28]Doctor:Open your mouth and say "Ah"[00:32.39]Morn:What's the matter with him
      該音頻有LRC字幕 北京小學英語第五冊附字幕:82017-12-24
      [00:00.10]Lesson Five Revision[00:26.23]Listening[00:29.70]1.Listen and circle[00:32.97]1)fair 2)car 3)pork 4)fail 5)hear 6)weak[00:55.33]2.Listen and complete[01:00.08]1)A:What's the matter with you,Peter?[01:05.75]
      該音頻有LRC字幕 北京小學英語第五冊附字幕:92017-12-24
      [00:00.10]Lesson Six WILL YOU JOIN US?[00:20.14]Xiao Ming:Hi,John.[00:28.32] What are you going to do tomorrow afternoon?[00:31.37]John:I've no idea. What about you?[00:34.61]Xiao Ming:We're going to play football[00
      該音頻有LRC字幕 北京小學英語第五冊附字幕:102017-12-23
      [00:00.10]Lesson Seven SHALL WE GO TO THE CONCERT?[00:21.03]LiJing:Hi,Mary. Are you free tonight?[00:28.68]Mary:Yes.Why?[00:30.41]Li Jing:Shall we go to the concert?[00:32.24]Mary:Good idea. Where?[00:34.90]Li Jmg:At
      該音頻有LRC字幕 北京小學英語第五冊附字幕:112017-12-23
      [00:00.10]Lesson Eight WHAT DID YOU DO YESTERDAY?[00:23.22]Alice:Did you have a good time last weekend?[00:31.82]Paull:Yes.Alice:What did you do yesterday?[00:35.50]Paul1:I watched a football match.[00:38.61]Alice:What d
      該音頻有LRC字幕 北京小學英語第五冊附字幕:122017-12-22
      [00:00.10]Lesson Nine WHEN DID YOU COME BACK?[00:22.33]Zhou Lin:Hi,Tom. What did you do last weekend?[00:33.54]Tom:I went on a trip.[00:36.44]Zhou Lin:A trip! Where did you go?[00:39.94]Tom:Hainan.I flew there with
      該音頻有LRC字幕 北京小學英語第五冊附字幕:132017-12-22
      [00:00.10]Lesson Ten Revision[00:35.74]Listening[00:37.88]1.Listen and circle[00:41.69]1)walk 2)foot 3)boil 4)light 5)road 6)took[01:06.04]2.Listen and choose[01:16.15]1)Hi,Tom.would you like to come to my birthd