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      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:1-1篇2012-10-19
      [02:02.61]Sally: Oh, Xiaoling. Look at you, Jiamin, Yongxian and Mike. She was happy before but now she isnt.[au:]薩莉:噢,小玲.看看你們,佳民,永賢還有邁克.小玲本來很開心,可是她現在很難過.[02:12.19]Mike, Yongxian & Jiamin: Sorry. We…[au:]邁克、永賢和佳民:對不起.我們...
      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:1-2篇2012-10-18
      [01:56.30]Janet: Youre still so fit.[au:]珍妮特:你還是很苗條.[01:59.21]Mrs Webb: Thank you.[au:]韋勃太太:謝謝你們.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:1-3篇2012-10-18
      [01:24.17]Mr Leo pointed to one of Piggys cards and asked, What is this, Piggy?[au:]Leo老師指著Piggy的一張卡片問道,Piggy,這是什么?[01:31.86]Piggy opened his eyes, stood up and said, This is your finger, Mr Leo![au:]Piggy睜開眼睛,站起來說,Leo老師,這是你的手指!
      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:2-4篇2012-10-17
      [01:01.25]We were very happy when we finished the work.[au:]當做完這些工作的時候,我們很開心.[01:04.60]All of us hope the trees will grow well.[au:]我們都希望這些樹長得茂盛.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:2-5篇2012-10-17
      [01:04.54]Then we watered the tree.[au:]然后我們給小樹澆水.[01:07.16]I hope the tree will grow well again.[au:]我希望小樹可以再次長得好.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:2-6篇2012-10-16
      [01:23.87]He climb up the beanstalk and found 5 gold coins.[au:]他爬上豆莖,看到了五枚金幣.[01:30.30]Hooray! he shouted. Were rich![au:]萬歲!他大叫.我們有錢了!
      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:3-7篇2012-10-16
      [01:37.86]Xiaoling: Really? Shall we go and visit it this Sunday?[au:]小玲:真的嗎?這個星期天我們就去參觀如何?[01:43.23]Jiamin: All right.[au:]佳民:好啊.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:3-8篇2012-10-14
      [00:49.24]Sally: I think so. But you can see a cartoon of Robin Hood. I have a VCD.[au:]薩莉:可以啊.不過你可以看看關于羅賓漢的卡通片.我有VCD.[00:56.00]Yongxian: Thats great![au:]永賢:太好了!
      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:3-9篇2012-10-14
      [00:49.68]He became poorer and poorer, and he couldnt pay his bills.[au:]他變得越來越窮,潦倒不堪.[00:56.05]In the end he became ill and died in 1791 when he was 35 years old.[au:]最后他病倒了,并于1971年去世,當時他才35歲.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:4-10篇2012-10-12
      [00:49.16]Mike: Thank you. Goodbye![au:]邁克:謝謝.再見![00:51.13]Assistant: Bye![au:]助手:再見!
      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:4-11篇2012-10-12
      [01:33.84]Thank you so much![au:]非常感謝你![01:35.95]The small can help the great.[au:]小人物是可以幫助大人物的.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:4-12篇2012-10-11
      [01:11.58]One by one he caught all the four bulls and ate them up.[au:]一頭接一頭,他抓住了這四頭牛,并且吃了他們.[01:17.54]Unity is strength.[au:]團結就是力量.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:5-13篇2012-10-11
      [01:02.32]Yongxian: I dreamed I ran in the Beijing 2008 Olympics and I fell over.[au:]永賢:我夢想我在2008北京奧林匹克運動會上賽跑,我跌倒了.[01:09.52]Mother: Ha-ha![au:]媽媽:哈哈!
      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:5-14篇2012-10-10
      [01:12.42]Jiamin: I wish I could fly home![au:]嘉明:我希望我可以飛回家![01:15.42]Mike: I wish I could finish my homework![au:]邁克:我希望我可以完成我的家庭作業!
      該音頻有LRC字幕 廣州金太陽六年級下冊:5-15篇2012-10-10
      [01:41.87]Oh dear, said Ben.[au:]噢,天啊,本說.[01:44.74]I wish I could go back to Earth![au:]我希望我們可以回到地球!