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      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級上--Unit 1 Hello!2012-05-24
      Look!A mouse! Haha!Good morning!
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級上--Unit 2 This is my Pencil2012-05-24
      Here we go round the books and bags,books and bags,books and bags.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級上--Unit 3 Look at my nose2012-05-23
      Hello!Hello!How are you?I'm fine.I'm fine.Thank you.Thank you.I'm fine.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級上--Unit 4 I have a ball2012-05-23
      LiYan has a little doll,little doll,little doll.LiYan has a little doll,And she loves it so.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級上--Unit 5 What colour is it?2012-05-22
      Hi,LiYan.I have a new pencil.What colour is it?
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級上--Unit 6 I like hamburgers2012-05-22
      I like hot dogs.I like hamburgers.Me too.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級上--學生用書Re12012-05-21
      Hello!......How are you?I'm fine.I'm fine.Thank you, thank you Very much
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級上--學生用書Re22012-05-21
      Happy New Year,Miss White!Happy New Year!
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下--Unit 12012-05-20
      Hello,Peter!Hello,Kate!Nice see you again.Hello,Gao Wei!Hello,Li Yan!How are you?
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下-- Lesson 22012-05-20
      Hello,Yang Ming.I have a new water bottle.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下--Lesson 32012-05-18
      Look!Oh,a marker and some crayons!
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下--Lesson 42012-05-18
      Hi,Gao Wei.Guess what's in my bag?
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下--Lesson 52012-05-17
      Show me you marker.Show me your Chinese book.Show me your English book.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下--Lesson 62012-05-17
      A storybook,a Chinese book,an English book...
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下--Unit 22012-05-16
      Hi.My name's Ann.I'm in Class 2,Grade 3.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下--Lesson 82012-05-16
      How old are you?How old are you?I am seven.I am seven.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下-- Lesson 92012-05-15
      I am seven.I am eight.I am nine.I am ten.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下--Lesson 102012-05-15
      zero,one two three four five six seven,eight nine ten.Begin again.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下--Lesson 112012-05-14
      Let's go home!Goodbye!
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下--Lesson 122012-05-14
      Twelve colour markers in my pencil-box.Twelve colour markers in my pencil-box.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下--Unit 32012-05-12
      I love my father,I love my mother.They love me.They love me.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下--Lesson 142012-05-12
      Show me your mother's photo.Show me your sister's photo.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 人教版小學英語三年級下--Lesson 152012-05-11
      Father and mother love son and daughter.Brother and sister help each other.