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      該音頻有LRC字幕 小學英語陜旅版第八冊附字幕:8_le012018-02-21
      [00:00.10]PRIMARY SCHOOL ENGLISH STUYDENTS'BOOK 8[00:16.69]Lesson 1 Xi'an is a beautiful city[00:24.63]Listen and read[00:28.50]L:Hi!Robin!What are you going to do with your father?[00:34.95]R:We're going to buy tomorr
      該音頻有LRC字幕 小學英語陜旅版第八冊附字幕:8_le022018-02-21
      [00:00.10]Lesson 2 I am a visitor here[00:37.30]Listen and read[00:41.06]H:My name is Helen.I'm a visitor here.[00:46.11]M:Welcome to our hotel.Where are you from? H:Australia.[00:52.87]M:Is it the first time you come to
      該音頻有LRC字幕 小學英語陜旅版第八冊附字幕:8_le032018-02-21
      [00:00.10]Lesson 3 How was your trip?[00:37.80]Listen and read[00:41.77]N:Hi,Billy!How was your trip to Xi'an?[00:47.52]B:It was great.I really enjoyed it.[00:53.19]N:Was the weather OK? B:Yes,but it was a little hot.[01
      該音頻有LRC字幕 小學英語陜旅版第八冊附字幕:8_le042018-02-21
      [00:00.10]Lesson 4 We're glad to have her at home[00:39.81]Listen and read[00:43.94]L:Mum! Alice will come to our home tomorrow.[00:49.79]M:Very nice.Where's she from?[00:54.96]L:America.I want her to have lunch with us.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 小學英語陜旅版第八冊附字幕:8_le052018-02-21
      [00:00.10]Lesson 5 Thank you for having me![00:37.59]Listen and read[00:41.56]L:Help yourself to some fruit,please.[00:46.21]A:No,thanks.I'm very full.We had a big dinner today.[00:53.29]It was really nice and delicious.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 小學英語陜旅版第八冊附字幕:8_le062018-02-21
      [00:00.10]Lesson 6 I want a CD[00:38.69]Listen and read[00:43.96]S:Can I help you? L:Yes.I want a CD about pop songs.[00:51.83]S:We've got the CDs about pop songs.[00:56.69]Which do you like better,foreign ones or Chies
      該音頻有LRC字幕 小學英語陜旅版第八冊附字幕:8_le072018-02-21
      [00:00.10]Lesson 7 My mother is looking for a dress for me[00:40.31]Listen and read[00:44.28]S:What can I do for you?[00:47.80]M:I'm looking for a dress for my daughter.[00:52.35]S:What size does she wear? M:Small.[00:57.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 小學英語陜旅版第八冊附字幕:8_le082018-02-21
      [00:00.10]Lesson 8 In the library[00:38.19]Listen and read[00:42.00]L:What can I do for you?[00:45.77]Z:I'd like to borrow a story book.[00:49.82]Do you have Snow White or The Moonstone?[00:54.99]L:Yes.The Arabian Nights
      該音頻有LRC字幕 小學英語陜旅版第八冊附字幕:8_le092018-02-21
      [00:00.10]Lesson 9 How long may I keep the book?[00:09.80]Listen and read[00:15.12]LA:Can I help you?[00:19.67]LD:I hear Sleeping Beauty is interesting,I want to borrow it.[00:26.62]LA:Here you are.[00:29.86]LD:How long m
      該音頻有LRC字幕 小學英語陜旅版第八冊附字幕:8_le102018-02-21
      [00:00.10]Lesson 10 How happy we were![00:39.81]Listen and read[00:44.07]Saturday May 15th Cloudy[00:51.83]Today I went to see my penfriend in Hongye Hotel.[00:58.20]We had a talk for a long time. How happy we were![0
      該音頻有LRC字幕 小學英語陜旅版第八冊附字幕:8_le112018-02-21
      [00:00.10]Lesson 11 I love animals[00:37.88]Listen and read[00:42.24]When I was on holiday in Beijing,[00:48.30]I saw many animals in Beijing Zoo.[00:53.86]But I like kangaroos best. They have bags on their bodies.[01:02
      該音頻有LRC字幕 小學英語陜旅版第八冊附字幕:8_le122018-02-21
      [00:00.10]Lesson 12 Take care of the trees[00:38.61]Listen and read[00:43.76]Look at the picture of the park.[00:48.01]You can find many tall trees in it.[00:52.74]The grass is green and the flowers are sweet.[00:59.69]T
      該音頻有LRC字幕 小學英語陜旅版第八冊附字幕:8_le132018-02-21
      [00:00.10]Lesson 13 I want to be a farmer in the future[00:40.18]Listen and read[00:44.02]I like trees,flowers and grass.[00:50.78]After school,I often help my grandfather on the farm.[00:58.15]I want to be a farmer in t
      該音頻有LRC字幕 小學英語陜旅版第八冊附字幕:8_le142018-02-21
      [00:00.10]Lesson 14 Water[00:37.09]Listen and read[00:40.93]What do you know aout the water:seas and rivers?[00:47.70]You may say,"I know it well.I go swimming and play in it.[00:56.24]"Nearly all of you know these about