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      新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) Lesson O2015-08-27
      [0:04.541]Lesson O [0:05.787]Nice to See You Again! [0:07.558]Lets talk. [0:09.366]Hi, Baby Bear! [0:11.276]Hello, Baby Lion! [0:13.443]Nice to see you again! [0:15.661]Nice to see you, too. [0:17.645]Have a try. [0:19.428]agic box
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) Lesson p Follow me2015-08-27
      [0:03.770]Lesson p Follow me [0:07.025]Lets chant. [0:08.442]Follow me [0:10.393]Follow me, Follow me. [0:12.921]Hands up, Hands up. [0:15.146]Follow me, Follow me. [0:17.019]Hands down, Hands down. [0:19.089]Follow me, Follow me.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) Lesson Q What Colour?2015-08-26
      [0:03.703]Lesson Q What Colour? [0:05.328]Lets talk. [0:07.071]Red, please. [0:08.855]Here you are. [0:10.231]Yellow, please. [0:11.688]Here you are. [0:13.384]What Colour? [0:14.792]Look!Its orange. [0:16.544]What Colour? [0:19.159]Magic box
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) Lesson R Find Your Partner2015-08-26
      [0:03.285]Lesson R Find Your Partner [0:06.702]Lets talk. [0:08.284]Whats your number? [0:09.800]Seven. [0:11.437]What colour? [0:12.790]red [0:13.571]No. My seven is green. [0:16.564]Whats your number? [0:18.037]Its seven.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) Lesson s Apple,Apple,I like You!2015-08-25
      [0:01.232]Lesson s Apple, Apple, I like You! [0:08.637]Lets chant. [0:11.263]Apple, apple [0:12.733]A round apple. [0:13.638]Apple, Apple [0:15.236]A red apple. [0:16.932]Apple, Apple [0:19.293]A juicy apple. [0:20.358]Apple, Apple
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) Lesson T Happy Birthday to You!2015-08-25
      [0:03.529]Lesson T Happy Birthday to You! [0:06.698]Lets talk. [0:08.793]Wow, a big birthday cake! [0:11.793]And so many fruits! [0:14.529]Yes Its my birthday. [0:17.450]Oh, happy birthday to you! [0:20.027]Thank you [0:21.906]Magic box
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) Self assessment2015-08-24
      [0:05.821]Self assessment [0:08.062]Listen and circle. [1:13.660]Listen and colour. Talk about the pictures. A big tree. Look, colour and say. 1. Colour the pictures in chart A. [1:55.036]2. Listen to your partner and colour the pictures in Chart B.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) Lesson U My Body2015-08-24
      [0:03.926]Lesson U My Body [0:06.806]Lets chant. [0:08.038]One and Two [0:10.263]One eye, two eyes. [0:11.478]One eye, two eyes. [0:13.326]One hand, two hands. [0:15.583]one foot, two feet. [0:17.296]Feet, feet, feet.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) Lesson V Head,Shoulders,Knees and toes2015-08-23
      [0:03.701]Lesson V Head, Shoulders, Knees and toes [0:08.293]Lets sing [0:10.436]Head, Shoulders, Knees and toes [0:18.898]Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes, [0:22.803]knees and toes. [0:23.956]Head and shoulders, knees and toes, eyes and
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) Lesson W Big or Small?2015-08-23
      [0:00.940]Lesson W Big or Small? [0:08.541]Lets talk. [0:10.189]Look!Whats it? [0:11.950]A mouse [0:14.102]Good!Big or small? [0:16.606]Big? [0:17.868]Yes, a big mouse. What colour? [0:20.614]Blue. [0:22.054]Yes, its a big blue mouse.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) Lesson X Where's My book?2015-08-22
      [0:02.405]Lesson X Wheres My book? [0:06.901]Lets talk. [0:08.478]Grandpa, wheres my book? [0:11.126]What book? [0:12.430]My English book? [0:14.070]Its over there. [0:15.152]Thank you [0:16.552]Youre welcome.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) Lesson Y I Can Count2015-08-22
      [0:02.098]Lesson Y I Can Count [0:08.831]Lets talk. [0:10.257]Millie. [0:10.856]Yes? [0:11.688]I can count. [0:13.065]Really? [0:14.255]Please try [0:17.216]Ok.1 2 3 10 [0:28.598]Oh, great! [0:31.791]Magic box [0:33.831]count [0:34.600]draw
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) Lesson Z They Can Dance2015-08-21
      [0:04.863]Lesson Z They Can Dance [0:07.476]Lets chant. [0:09.388]They Can Count [0:11.999]I can, I can, [0:13.061]I can fly. [0:14.580]You can, You can, [0:16.380]You can swim [0:18.309]She can, She can, [0:20.126]She can dance
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) Self -assessment2015-08-21
      [0:04.473]Self -assessment [0:06.327]Listen, number and say. [0:48.002]Lets play [0:49.648]One mouse, two mice, three mice, four. [0:53.250]Five mice, six mice, seven mice more. [0:59.250]One goose two geese [1:02.689]Listen, colour and say.
      新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) WORDBOOK 12015-08-20
      新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) WORDBOOK 22015-08-20
      新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) WORDBOOK 32015-08-19
      新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) WORDBOOK 42015-08-19
      新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) WORDBOOK 52015-08-18
      新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) WORDBOOK 62015-08-18
      新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) WORDBOOK 72015-08-17
      新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) WORDBOOK 82015-08-17
      新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) WORDBOOK 92015-08-16
      新路徑英語一年級下冊(一起) WORDBOOK 102015-08-16