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      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Lesson A2015-08-29
      Lesson A Where Are You From? Let's talk. Where are you from? I'm from the USA. Where are you from? I'm from the UK. Where are you from? I'm from Singapore. Where are you from?
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Lesson B2015-08-29
      Lesson B Welcome! Lets talk. Morning! Hi, morning! Im Summer. Im from the USA. Thanks. Welcome! Welcome to China. Im from the USA. Thanks. Magic box Hong Kong Macao New York London Paris Lets chant. Welcome! Welcome. Welcome. You are welcome!
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Lesson C2015-08-28
      Lesson C How Are you? Lets talk. Good morning, Mr Brown. Good morning, boy. How are you? Fine, thank you. And you? Im fine, too. Thank you. How are you Baby Bear? Im fine. Thank you. Magic box mum dad son daughter girl boy Lets chant.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Lesson D2015-08-28
      Lesson D Whats Your Name? Lets talk. Hello! Im Summer. Whats your name? Hi. My name is Sunny. Im Millie Mouse. Call me Millie. Glad to meet you. Glad to meet you, too. Whats your name?
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Lesson E2015-08-27
      Lets talk. Class, lets play a game. Oh, yeah! Listen, say and do. OK. Jump, please. Fly, please. Dance, please. Le Le, please dont laugh. Yes, Miss Yang. Magic box laugh cry shout move talk Lets sing. Donkey Don-key, don-key, I beg you, please do
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Lesson F2015-08-27
      Lesson F Whats This? Lets talk. Look! Whats this? Sorry, I dont know. Please guess. Its a dog. No. Its a fox. And whats this? Its a cat. Youre right. Whats this? Its a fox. Magic box snake crab dolphin whale shark Listen, tick and say.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Lesson G2015-08-26
      Lesson G Whats That? Lets talk. Wow! A beautiful picture! Whats this? Its a butterfly. Whats that? Its a dragonfly. Your English is good. Thank you very much. Whats that? Its a panda.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Self-assessment2015-08-26
      Self-assessment Listen and circle. Look and match. Lets play. Heads you go; tails I go. Heads or tails? Heads. You go first. Write your grade here. Look and say. Lets try. I have a dog. I have a dog and a ladybug.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Lesson H2015-08-25
      Lesson H What Day Is Today? Lets talk. Mum, what day is today? Why? Its Saturday. OK! lets go to the park. OK? Great! Lets go. What day is today? Its Saturday. Magic box Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Lets chant.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Lesson I2015-08-25
      Lesson I Hows the Weather? Lets talk. Mum. Yes? Hows the weather? Its windy. Oh! I cant go swimming. But you can fly a kite. Good idea! Hows the weather? Its fine. Magic box rainy sunny cloudy windy snowy overcast Listen, match and draw.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Lesson J2015-08-24
      Lesson J Fly a Kite Lets talk. Lets talk. Summer. Yes? Yes? Oh, great! Lets go. Lets fly a kite. OK. Lets. Lets go. OK. Lets. Magic box kite go come play work Lets chant. Picking an Apple Pick an orange, pick a pear, Pick a banana over there.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Lesson K2015-08-24
      Lesson K Do Like This Lets talk. Summer, are you ready? Not yet. Can I help you? Yes, thanks. Look. Do like this. Do like this? Yeah. Oh, I see. Thanks. Lets run. Ouch! Are you OK? Yes. Thank you. Magic box sun sky moon cloud star Lets chant.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Lesson L2015-08-23
      Lesson L What a Beautiful Kite! Lets talk. Le Le, come here. Im coming. Whats up? Wow, what a beautiful kite! Look there. Yes. How beautiful! What a big mouse! How big! Magic box long short beautiful ugly fat thin Look and say. Lets try.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Lesson M2015-08-23
      Lesson M How Yummy! Lets talk. Mum, Im hungry. Have an egg. Oh, no! Then have a hamburger. I love it. Mmm, how yummy! Have an egg. Have a hamburger. Magic box egg ice cream hamburger hot dog bread Listen and guess. Culture.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Lesson N2015-08-22
      Lesson N Oh, Yucky! Lets talk. Im thirsty, Dad. Have some coffee. Oh, yucky! Have some coke. Oh, I love it. Thanks, Dad. Have some coke. Magic box fruit juice strawberry rice meat Lets try.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) Self-assessment2015-08-22
      Self-assessment Listen and tick. Talk about the pictures. Have a/an/some. . . Lets play. May I come in? Whos it? Its me. Its Mrs Kangaroo. Come in, please. May I come in? Whos it? Its me. Its Mr Wolf. Oh, go away.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) 課后 Lesson A2015-08-21
      Lesson A Where are you from? Listen and circle. 聽錄音, 圈出正確答案. Listen and tick. 聽錄音, 勾出正確答案. Listen and draw. 1. Where are you from? Im from China. 2. Where are you from? Im from Singapore.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) 課后 Lesson B2015-08-21
      Lesson B Welcome! Listen and match. 聽錄音并連線. Listen and circle. Listen to the dialogue and put the sentences in correct order.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) 課后 Lesson C2015-08-20
      Lesson C How are you? Listen, circle and say. Listen to the song and choose the correct answers. Listen to the dialogue and tick the correct answers.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) 課后 Lesson D2015-08-20
      Lesson D Whats Your Name? Listen and write. Listen and number.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) 課后 Lesson E2015-08-19
      Lesson E Dos and Donts Listen and number. 聽錄音并排序. Listen and draw.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) 課后 Lesson F2015-08-19
      Lesson F Whats This? Lets play. Read, listen and match. Listen and tick
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) 課后 Lesson G2015-08-18
      Lesson G Whats That? Listen, colour and say. Listen, number and act.
      新路徑英語二年級上冊(一起) 課后 Self-assessment2015-08-18