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      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Lesson A2015-08-18
      [0:01.661]Lesson A [0:03.732]Ting Tings First Day [0:05.752]Lets talk. [0:07.231]Ting Ting, get up [0:08.557]soon. [0:10.017]What time is it, [0:11.149]Mum? [0:12.128]Its 7 oclock. [0:13.535]Hurry up! [0:14.800]OK. [0:16.055] Its 7:50. Time to
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Lesson B2015-08-18
      [0:02.522]Lesson B [0:03.878]Happy Teachers Day [0:05.826]Lets talk. [0:08.111]May I come in? [0:09.988]Yes, please. [0:11.938]Happy Teachers Day, [0:13.439]Miss Yang! [0:14.907]Oh, carnations! [0:21.734]Youre welcome. [0:17.488]How beautiful!I
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Lesson C2015-08-17
      [0:01.789]Lesson C [0:03.360]Is This Your Ruler? [0:05.217]Lets talk. [0:06.828]Listen, class!Please take two [0:09.011]things and put them here. [0:11.561]Here you are. [0:13.315]Thank you. [0:14.559]Ting Ting, is [0:15.345]this your ruler?
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Lesson D2015-08-17
      [0:00.747]Lesson D [0:04.634]Is That Your Seat? [0:06.487]Lets talk. [0:08.170]Summer, is that [0:10.129]your classroom? [0:11.632] Yes, it is. [0:12.786]Summer, is that your [0:14.152]desk? [0:15.307] No, it isnt. [0:17.361]Where is your desk?
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Lesson E2015-08-16
      [0:01.075]Lesson E [0:03.944]Lets Play Football [0:05.427]Lets talk. [0:07.619]Summer, do you like swimming? [0:09.006] No, I dont. [0:11.134]Do you like football? [0:13.242]Yes, I do. I like [0:15.889]football very much. [0:17.730]Then lets go an
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Lesson F2015-08-16
      [0:00.720]Lesson F [0:03.652] Whats for Supper? [0:04.765]Lets talk. [0:06.237]Mum, Im home. [0:08.258]Good. Are you hungry? [0:10.049]Want an apple? [0:12.484]Yes, thanks. Whats for [0:14.792]supper, Mum? [0:16.550]Chicken, fish and
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Lesson G2015-08-15
      [0:00.782]Lesson G [0:03.249]A Rainy Day [0:04.604]Lets talk. [0:06.309]Mum, Im finished. [0:07.929]Good! [0:08.872]May I go out [0:09.920]to play? [0:10.925]Sure. Go ahead. [0:12.153]Thank you, Mum. [0:13.500]Oh, no! [0:14.748]Whats up, dear?
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Self-assessment2015-08-15
      [0:01.641]Self-assessment [0:04.160]Talk about the picture. [0:07.273]- Whats this/that? [0:09.656]- Its a/an . . . [0:12.432]- Its a big/small/blue . . . [0:15.607]Listen and circle. [1:09.869][0:18.181]Make a little survey.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Lesson H2015-08-14
      [0:01.196]Lesson H [0:04.457]A Hot Day Again! [0:06.353]Lets talk. [0:07.148]Hows the weather [0:08.599]today? [0:09.455]Oh, no!A hot day [0:12.061]again!I dont like [0:15.811]hot days. Its sunny. [0:18.679]Its a hot day. [0:20.183] I like hot d
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Lesson I2015-08-14
      [0:01.754]Lesson I [0:03.595]I Want Some Moon Cakes [0:05.397]Lets talk. [0:07.409]Hello. Can I help you? [0:09.336]Yes. I want some [0:11.020]moon cakes. [0:12.597]How many do you [0:13.255]want? [0:14.113]Ten, please. [0:15.266]Here you are.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Lesson J2015-08-13
      [0:00.835]Lesson J [0:03.224]Mid-autumn Festival [0:04.704]Lets talk. [0:06.547]Summer, come here. [0:08.200]Im coming. [0:10.221]Look up there. The moon is so round. [0:12.976]The moon is also bright. [0:14.733]Yeah. Today is [0:16.671]Mid-autumn F
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Lesson K2015-08-13
      [0:01.352]Lesson K [0:03.682] Four Seasons [0:04.847]Lets talk. [0:05.980]How many seasons are [0:07.335]there in a year? [0:10.078]There are four. [0:10.629]What are they? [0:11.551]They are spring, summer, [0:13.905]autumn and winter.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Lesson L2015-08-12
      [0:00.569]Lesson L [0:02.974] Making a Spinner [0:04.255]Lets talk. [0:05.314]Whats this, boys [0:06.488]and girls? [0:07.738]Its a spinner. [0:08.834]Yes. Lets make a [0:10.110]spinner together. [0:11.710]Great! I like [0:12.715]making things.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Lesson M2015-08-12
      [0:01.129]Lesson M [0:03.100]ABC Song [0:04.349]Lets sing. [0:05.588] I Can Say My ABC [0:13.804] Come, my chil-dren, come to me, let us [0:27.493] Come here, children, lets sing our ABC. [0:21.051] sing our A B C.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Lesson N2015-08-11
      [0:01.189] Lesson N [0:03.370] Letters and sound2s [0:05.351]Lets chant. [0:05.997] English Letters [0:07.268] A is for apples and B is for bear, [0:10.645] C is for cat and D is for deer, [0:14.776]E is for egg and F is for flower
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) Self-assessment2015-08-11
      [0:01.527]Self-assessment [0:03.264]Talk about the picture. [0:06.069]Whats this? [0:07.932]Its a fruit house. [0:10.179]Its very beautiful. [0:12.720]Yeah. I like [0:14.552]it very much [0:16.588]This is the roof. [0:18.697]Its red.
      新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) WORDBOOK 12015-08-10
      新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) WORDBOOK 22015-08-10
      新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) WORDBOOK 32015-08-09
      新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) WORDBOOK 42015-08-09
      新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) WORDBOOK 52015-08-08
      新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) WORDBOOK 62015-08-08
      新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) WORDBOOK 72015-08-07
      新路徑英語三年級上冊(一起) WORDBOOK 82015-08-07