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      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Lesson O About Me2015-08-11
      Lesson O About Me Lets talk. What about you? My name is Rose. I am ten. Im a school girl. Im from America. My hair is long. My face is small. My eyes are blue and big. My nose is small. My mouth is big. My face. My ears.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Workbook Lesson O2015-08-11
      Workbook Lesson O ABout me Listen and match
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Lesson P My Favourite Colour2015-08-10
      Lesson P My Favourite Colour Lets talk. Gee, you look great! Your purple dress is very beautiful. Thank you. Its a birthday present. Is purple your favourite? Yes. Its my favourite colour. Whats your favourite colour? Pink and blue.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Workbook Lesson P2015-08-10
      Workbook Lesson P My Favourite Colour Get ready Listen and colour.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Lesson Q My Good Friends2015-08-09
      Lesson Q My Good Friends Lets talk. I have a good friend. She has a round face and two blue eyes. She has straight hair. Shes young. Shes in yellow. Whos she? Shes _________.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Workbook Lesson Q2015-08-09
      Workbook Lesson Q My Good Friends Get Ready Listen and number. Listen and circle the correct answers. Listen and choose the correct answers.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Lesson R My Toy2015-08-08
      Lesson R My Toy Lets talk. Do you have a toy car? Yes, I do. What colour is it? Guess, please. ts yellow. No. Please try again. Lets me see Its red. Youre right. Red is my favourite colour. Do you have a kite? Yes, I do. No, I dont.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Workbook Lesson R2015-08-08
      Workbook Lesson R My Toy Get ready Get ready Listen and tick the correct answers.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Lesson S My Pet Dog2015-08-07
      Lesson S My Pet Dog Lets talk. Hey, come and look at this! Wow, a dog. How cute! Do you have a pet dog? Yes, I do. Its white, too. Can it swim? No. Your dog can swim? Sure Oh! Its a great dog! Can he swim? Yes, he can. Can she swim? No, she cant.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Workbook Lesson S2015-08-07
      Workbook Lesson S My Pet Dog Get ready Listen and circle the correct answers. Listen to the song, and tick the correct answers.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Lesson T Talking about Animals2015-08-06
      Lesson T Talking about Animals Lets talk. This is an elephant. It is gray. Its nose is long. Its ears and eyes are very big. Its legs are very strong. Its feet are very big, too. Its tail is small and short.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Workbook Lesson T2015-08-06
      Workbook Lesson T Talking about Animals Get ready Listen, colour and talk about the picture. Listen to the text and write T (true) or F (false). Listen and write down the words under each picture.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Self-assessment2015-08-05
      Self-assessment Listen, tick and say. Lets chant. Letter Rhyme ABCDEFG, Come up here, And play with me. HIJKLMN, This is a chick, And that is a hen. OPQRST, I like ice cream, I dont like tea.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Workbook Self-assessment2015-08-05
      Workbook Self-assessment Lets write. Listen and circle the correct answers. Listen, tick the correct answers and read.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Lesson U Let's Do Sums2015-08-04
      Lesson U Lets Do Sums Lets talk. Hi, kids. Lets do sums. OK? OK. Whats 14 plus 12? Its 25. Yes or no? No. Its 26. Yes. Well down. Whats 12 plus 15? Its 27.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Workbook Lesson U2015-08-04
      Workbook Lesson U Lets Do Sums Get ready. Listen and circle the correct answers.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Lesson V What's the Missing2015-08-03
      Lesson VWhats the Missing Number? Lets talk. Boys and girls, look here. Whats the missing number? Sorry, I dont know. Think it over. Sixteen minus two is fourteen. Eight minus two is six. Oh, I see. The missing number is eight. What a clever boy!
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Workbook Lesson V2015-08-03
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Lesson W Conversation2015-08-02
      Lesson W Conversation Lets talk. Im going out. Why? To make a cup of tea. Why? Because Im thirty. Why? Because its hot. Why? Because the sun is shining. Why? Because its summer. Why? Because thats when it is. Why? Why dont you stop saying why?
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Workbook Lesson W2015-08-02
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Lesson X Where's the spider?2015-08-01
      Lesson X Wheres the spider? Lets talk. Dont move. Whats up? I can see a spider. Where is it? Its on your head. Yuck! Come and help me. Sorry. Im afraid of spiders. Oh, no! Youre a coward. Wheres the ant?
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Workbook Lesson X2015-08-01
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Lesson Y I Want to Get Up2015-07-31
      Lesson Y I Want to Get Up Lets talk. Mum, what time is it? Its 10 oclock. Why? I cant sleep. Then count from 1 to 100. Good idea. One, two, three . . . ninety-nine and one hundred. Can you sleep now? No, I cant. I want to get up and do my homework.
      新路徑英語三年級下冊(一起) Workbook Lesson Y2015-07-31