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      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) Unit 1 Lesson 1Planting Trees2015-07-28
      [00:03.76]Unit 1 [00:05.10]We Love Nature [00:06.23]Lesson 1Planting Trees [00:08.62]Lets talk. [00:10.31]Class, look at this picture. [00:12.85] What season is it now? [00:14.93]Its spring. [00:16.19] Yes. What are [00:17.13]they going to do?
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) Unit 1 Lesson 2 Why Do You Love Zebras?2015-07-27
      [00:05.98]Unit 1 We Love Nature [00:06.79]Lesson 2 Why Do You Love Zebras? [00:10.08]Lets talk. [00:11.39]Look! There is a squirrel. [00:13.47]Where? [00:14.78]Over there, in the tree. [00:16.59]Oh, really! Its so cute. [00:18.79]Do you like squirr
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) Unit 1 Lesson 3 Where Do They Live?2015-07-27
      [00:02.69]Unit 1 We Love Nature [00:05.04]Lesson 3 Where Do They Live? [00:08.22]Lets talk. [00:09.61]Here, Rose! What [00:10.62]are you doing? [00:11.77]Im reading a book [00:13.04]about animals. [00:14.05]May I have [00:14.46]a look?
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) Unit 1 Self–assessment2015-07-26
      [00:04.34]Selfassessment How well do you know Unit 1? Put a tick () in each appropriate column. [00:12.67]Listen and tick. [00:18.86] [00:48.91]Lets act. [00:50.44]The Wise Tortoise [00:52.64]My names Fox. [00:54.04] Im hungry.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) Unit 2 Lesson 4 Seasons and Clothes2015-07-26
      [00:03.82]Unit 2 Four Seasons [00:07.08]Lesson 4 Seasons and Clothes [00:10.17]Lets talk. [00:11.66]Spring is here. [00:13.07]Its getting warm. [00:15.86]We wear shirts and trousers. [00:18.36]Summer is here. [00:20.16]Its getting hot.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) Unit 2 Lesson 5 Seasons and Time2015-07-25
      [00:02.92]Unit 2 Four Seasons [00:05.81]Lesson 5 Seasons and Time [00:09.40]Lets talk. [00:10.88]Spring lasts from March to May. In [00:14.30]spring, its warm. Plants grow and [00:17.89]birds sing. Its time to go for an [00:20.68]outing.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) Unit 2 Lesson 6 Seasons and Culture2015-07-25
      [00:05.76]Unit 2 Four Seasons [00:13.70]Lesson 6 Seasons and Culture [00:14.05]Lets talk. [00:14.69] Easter is a very old festival. It used to celebrate the start of spring and [00:19.90]new life. Eggs and chicks are the symbols of Easter.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) Unit 2 Self–assessment2015-07-24
      [00:03.97]Selfassessment [00:05.32]Listen and tick. [00:08.93]
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) Unit 3 Lesson 7 An Invitation2015-07-24
      [00:04.28]Unit 3 A Birthday Party [00:06.94]Lesson 7 An Invitation [00:09.88]Lets talk. [00:12.09]Hello. This is Rose. [00:14.38] Whos calling? [00:15.52]Hello, Rose. This is Ting [00:17.71]Ting speaking. Are you free [00:19.16]this evening?
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) Unit 3 Lesson 8 Buying a Present2015-07-23
      [00:04.61]Unit 3 A Birthday Party [00:06.00]Lesson 8 Buying a Present [00:08.59]Lets talk. [00:10.14]Good afternoon, girl! [00:12.30]Can I help you? [00:13.92]I want a gift [00:14.87]for my friend. [00:16.76]How about this?
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) Unit 3 Lesson 9 A Birthday Party2015-07-23
      [00:04.00]Unit 3 A Birthday Party [00:06.61]Lesson 9 A Birthday Party [00:09.40]Lets talk. [00:11.59]Ting Ting, light [00:12.59] the candles. [00:13.42]OK. [00:14.69]Lets sing Happy [00:15.70]Birthday to You! [00:17.35]Thats a good idea.
      該音頻有LRC字幕 新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) Unit 3 Self–assessment2015-07-22
      [00:04.99]Selfassessment [00:06.30]Listen, number and say. [00:13.26] [00:46.12]Lets act. [00:47.87]The Little Red Hen [00:50.04]Good morning, [00:50.52]Little Red Hen. [00:51.73]Good morning, Mr Cock. [00:53.50]Oh, a lovely
      新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) 132015-07-22
      新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) 142015-07-21
      新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) 152015-07-21
      新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) 162015-07-20
      新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) 172015-07-20
      新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) 182015-07-19
      新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) 192015-07-19
      新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) 202015-07-18
      新路徑英語五年級下冊(一起) 212015-07-18