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      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Reading for Pleasure(02)2017-07-12
      Go under the table! 去桌子底下!Where is my magic chicken? 我的魔力雞在哪兒?
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Reading for Pleasure(01)2017-07-12
      Oh, Jack! 哦,杰克!We are very poor.我們非常窮.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Review Module 22017-07-11
      This is Linglings family. 這是玲玲的家人.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Review Module 12017-07-11
      Its a sunny day. 今天天氣很好.Tom is going to ride a bike. 湯姆要去騎自行車.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module10 Unit2 Activity4 Listen and say. Then sing2017-07-10
      We Wish You a Merry Christmas 祝你圣誕節快樂
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module10 Unit2 Activity2 Listen and say2017-07-10
      Christmas is coming! 圣誕節就要來了!What do you do at Christmas? 你在圣誕節做什么?
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module10 Unit2 Activity1 Listen,pont and say2017-07-09
      Merry Christmas! 圣誕節快樂!
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module10 Unit1 Activity2 Listen, point and find"we"2017-07-09
      Hello, Sam. 哈嘍,薩姆.Heres a book for you. 這是給你的書.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module10 Unit1 Activity1 Listen and chant2017-07-08
      Happy New Year! 新年好!Happy New Year! 新年好!
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module9 Unit2 Activity4 Listen and say. Then chant2017-07-08
      Im training for sports day. 我正在為了運動日訓練.Im going to run and Im going to win. 我要去跑步.并且還要贏.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module9 Unit2 Activity2 Listen and say2017-07-07
      What are you going to do on sports day, Amy? 艾米,你運動日的時候要去做什么?
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module9 Unit2 Activity1 Listen and point and say2017-07-07
      What are you going to do? 你們要去做什么?
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module9 Unit1 Activity2 Listen and point and find"Are you2017-07-06
      Were going to have a sports day this month. 這個月我們會有個運動日.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module9 Unit1 Activity1 Listen and chant2017-07-06
      Are you going to run? 你要去跑步嗎?
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module8 Unit2 Activity4 Listen and say. Then sing2017-07-05
      The zoo, the zoo, the zoo. 動物園,動物園,動物園.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module8 Unit2 Activity2 Listen and say2017-07-05
      Were going to play in the park tomorrow. 我們明天要去公園玩兒.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module8 Unit2 Activity1 Listen,point and say2017-07-04
      Its going to fish. 它要去釣魚.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module8 Unit1 Activity2 Listen,point and find"going to"2017-07-04
      Time for bed, children. 該睡覺了,孩子們.Were going to visit Hainan tomorrow.明天我們要去參觀海南.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module8 Unit1 Activity1 Listen and chant2017-07-03
      Im going to visit the zoo. 我要去動物園參觀.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module7 Unit2 Activity4 Listen and say. Then sing2017-07-03
      There are three green parrots standing in the tree. 有三只綠色的鸚鵡正站在樹上.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module7 Unit2 Activity2 Listen and say2017-07-02
      There is a panda in the photo. 照片上有一只熊貓.Its eating fruit.我在吃水貨.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module7 Unit2 Activity1 Listen,point and say2017-07-02
      There is a boy on the bike. 有一個男孩在騎自行車.There are three boys on the bike. 自行車上有三個男孩.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module7 Unit1 Activity2 Listen,point and find"can"2017-07-01
      There are some nice photos here. 這有一些漂亮的照片.Lets have a look. 我們看一看吧.
      外研社小學英語(三起點)四年級上冊:Module7 Unit1 Activity1 Listen,point and say2017-07-01
      Look at the photo. 看這張照片.There is a horse.有一匹馬.
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