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      失物招領通知-A Notice of Lost and Found2015-10-25
      You have found an electronic dictionary and want to return it to its owner. Write a notice of Lost and Found to clearly state
      我的新同桌(My New Deskmate)2015-10-24
      my new deskmate is a boy of sixteen. his name is zhang gao. he is 1.8 meters tall.
      This afternoon I went to play basketball with some of my good friends happily.
      請假條-Asking for Leave2015-10-23
      I am sorry to tell you that I can't go to school today. Last night my mother had a high fever and a bad cough.
      未來的水資源問題(Water Problems in the Future)2015-10-23
      presently, the world is faced with serious water problems. but these problems witt become more intense and more complex in the future.
      Those who study with Jenny in the same class will remember her as an excellent girl. She is the tallest girl in our class.
      With the development of economics as well as the improving life standard, more and more people possess private cars.
      字典(The Dictionary)2015-10-21
      The dictionary is a living teacher. Whenever you meet with an unfamiliar word or a new expression, you can look it up and get a clear explanation or illustration of the word or expression.
      Recently the government has shorten Labor Day Golden Week holiday and included some traditional holidays such as Mid-Autumn Festival.
      I will go to college in the near future. After I enter college, I plan to set new goals in my study and improve my way of learning.
      測試(The Test)2015-10-20
      this monday morning, i biked to class as usual. when i walked into the classroom, i found all my classmates nervous and quiet, studying.
      騎車出游(Travel by Bike)2015-10-19
      There are many ways of traveling, People may travel by plane if they want to travel far and reach their destination in a shorter time.
      杭州茶節(Tea festival in Hangzhou)2015-10-19
      women sit in formation to play chinese traditional musical instrument zither (guzheng) during the opening ceremony of a tea festival in hangzhou, east chinas zhejiang province march 22, 2010.
      貪婪的猴子(A Greedy Monkey)2015-10-18
      one day, a monkey and a gorrila were playing by the side of a river. the monkey noticed a tree with plenty of peaches on the small island across the river.
      熟能生巧(Practice Makes Perfect)2015-10-18
      The saying that practice makes perfect means that after you have plenty of practice in what you are doing, you will be perfect in it. He who practices a lot will master the skill more quickly than he who seldom or hardly practices.
      如何保持健康(How to Keep Fit)2015-10-17
      Health is the guarantee of ones happiness. Without a healthy body, one cannot do what he wants to, not to mention accomplishing his goals in life.
      春天的承諾(A Promise of Spring)2015-10-17
      i was especially interested in flowers that year because i was planning to landscape my own yard and i was eager to get grandpas advice.
      Teenagers and Video Games2015-10-16
      How much time do you spend playing video games every day.
      a recent survey shows that the health of the students in our school has been going from bad to worse in the past three years.
      Mrs Brown is an excellent physics teacher of our school. She is a good-looking woman, with gentle manners and a kind smile.
      人的能力(Man's Ability)2015-10-15
      When man first appeared on earth, he had advantages over other creatures. He had a large brain, an upright body and a pair of clever hands.
      怎樣使用詞典-How to Use the Dictionary?2015-10-14
      When you are reading something in English, you may often come across a new word. What's the best way to know it?
      In my opinion, raising pets in the school is not good.There are some reasons.
      時間是寶貴的(The value of time)2015-10-13
      i always think there is not enough time. for example, i have just taken a three-day holiday.
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